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If you live in South East England, you don’t need to look far to find a tiler for your floors – just call Portsmouth Tilers! Choose us as the professional tiler to install your bathroom floor tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and more.

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Tile has many uses in today’s homes, but none are as common as floor tiling. If they’re installed correctly, these floors are highly durable, water resistant, and great-looking. Of course, you’ll need to find a tiler you can trust – and that’s where Portsmouth Tilers comes in.

Portsmouth Tilers is South East England’s most widely trusted floor tiler. From luxury vinyl tile, to ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, to stick on floor tiles, to patterned floors and Victorian tiles, there’s no better professional tiler in the region than our company. If you’ve been searching for “local floor tilers in South East England,” “floor tilers in my area,” “kitchen floor tilers near me,”  or anything like that, look no further – we’re here to install high-quality floor tile for you!

Floor Tile Varieties

Before we can install a high-quality tile floor for you, you’ll need to decide what type of bathroom floor tiles or kitchen floor tiles you want! These are some common choices:

Porcelain Tiles

One of the most common materials for flooring is porcelain, and it’s easy to see why – these tiles are highly water-resistant and extremely durable, making them an ideal bathroom tile or kitchen tile. “Classic” porcelain tiles can be installed with a number of colours and finishes, but you can also find wood effect tiles, marble tiles, and more made from porcelain.

Ceramic Tiles

Made with a manufacturing process very similar – but not identical – to the process used to make porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles boast water resistance much like that of porcelain. They’re not quite as durable, but they come close – and offer significant savings, to boot.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles are another water-resistant option that can be used to imitate other flooring materials. Like porcelain tiles, vinyl floor tiles designed to look like “marble tiles” and wood effect tiles can be used to make your floors look like they’re made from another material. Meanwhile, these luxury vinyl tiles will let you enjoy the benefits of tile flooring.

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Patterned ceramic floor tiles

Unique Tiling Options

When you’re having floor tiling installed, you don’t need to settle for conventional-looking floors. Here are a few options that can give your floor a more interesting appearance.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Not interested in the monotonous look of “standard” tile floors? Patterned floor tiles can be used to mix things up. Depending on the pattern you choose, your floor could look trendy or timeless – it’s your choice!

Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian floors are tile floors made with specially-shaped Victorian floor tiles. These tiles can be used to create geometric patterns, typically in black and white.

Mosaic Floor Tiles

Mosaic tiling relies on the use of small tiles to create eye-catching patterns and images. Glass mosaic tiles and stick on floor tiles are most commonly used for this purpose, but we can make floor mosaics from any type of tile you want.

Great Floor Tilers In My Area

By now, you should be able to answer the question “where can I find floor tilers near me?” If you’re living in South East England, Portsmouth Tilers can take care of any floor tiling services you need quickly while paying close attention to the details that make or break a kitchen tile floor or bathroom tile floor. Give us a call or send us an email – we’ll respond as soon as we can, and we’ll give you a free quote!

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