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When you’re trying to decide on a look for your walls, your options aren’t limited to paint and wallpaper. When they’re installed by the professional tilers at Portsmouth Tilers, wall tiles can be an attractive and affordable choice.

Reliable Wall Tilers Near Me

Tile floors are nearly ubiquitous in certain parts of South East England homes, like kitchens and bathrooms. But did you know that tiled walls can be just as useful and good-looking? With professionally installed wall tiling, you’ll be able to enjoy long-lasting walls that won’t get stained or damaged.

The employees of Portsmouth Tilers are the region’s greatest local tilers, whether they’re working on floors or walls. We pay close attention to detail on each and every job, while offering our clients some of the best rates in the industry for our work.

The Perks Of Wall Tiling

If you’re already familiar with the benefits tile has to offer as a flooring option, good news – just about all of these strong points apply just as well to wall tile! Here’s a rundown of some factors that make wall tile great:


Concerned about wall damage? If so, tile is exactly what your walls need! The tiles installed by Portsmouth Tilers are tough enough to take a beating – and in a worst-case scenario, we can easily replace them for you.

Water/Stain Resistance

For rooms where spills are a fact of life, tile can make cleaning up that much easier. Better yet, many types of tile won’t be damaged by water or other materials! Consider working with us for the installation of your bathroom wall tiles, or ask us to put in a kitchen backsplash and/or kitchen wall tiles.

Visual Appeal

When it’s been installed by a professional tiler that knows what they’re doing, tile can make your walls look better than ever. For added beauty, mosaic tiling may be just what you need. This involves the installation of glass mosaic tiles (or mosaic tiles made from another material), which are arranged in a striking pattern.

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Bathroom with grey tiled walls

Where To Use Wall Tiles

There’s no end to the interior spaces that can be enhanced with wall tile. These are a few popular options:

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Tile floors are a common sight in kitchens, so why not use tile on your kitchen walls, too? If your kitchen backsplash is installed by Portsmouth Tilers, it won’t just look great – it will save your kitchen walls from damage caused by spills.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Have you seen gorgeous tiled walls in the bathroom of a friend or family member? Portsmouth Tilers can make your bathroom look just as good – and make your bathroom walls just as durable – without breaking the bank!

Wall Tiles In Other Rooms

Kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles may be the most common rooms for wall tile, but there’s no need to stop there. Since tile is such a versatile and customisable option, tiled walls can enhance any other room in your home, too.

Do I Need To Find A Tiler?

Today, sticky wall tiles that can be installed without grout are a popular choice for wall tiling, especially when it comes to installing kitchen backsplashes and glass mosaic tiles. Since these tiles are so easy to install, you may be wondering whether or not you need to work with a professional tiler for your wall tile job – but we’re here to tell you that this is as important as ever.

One of the most important parts of creating any tile surface is tile spacing – if your sticky wall tiles aren’t evenly spaced, your wall will look unprofessional at best and outright sloppy at worst. To make sure you’ll be able to enjoy your new wall tiling, it’s best to find a tiler that knows what they’re doing. If you’re a South East England resident asking “where can I find wall tilers near me?,” Portsmouth Tilers is the obvious choice.

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